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After clogged drains, the plumbing problem that people often think of first is water leaking from pipes. Often, people imagine water gushing from an exposed pipe where they can clearly see the leak and know they need to shut off the water main and immediately call for professional repairs.

But this pipe leak scenario is actually rare. Usually, the offending pipe is not located in a spot where it can be seen easily and repairing it requires special knowledge and tools.

If you suspect that you have a hidden leak in your home, contact Quick Action Plumbers for quick and effective leak detection in Atlanta, GA, or the nearby areas.

Our plumbers will arrive in vans stocked with the best in leak detection technology, and then they’ll locate the leaky pipe quickly so they can have it fixed before it causes more damage or water waste. Let us be your one-stop plumbing stop in the area!

Call (770) 854-0755 or contact us online to schedule fast, thorough, and effective water leak detection in Atlanta, GA, or the surrounding areas today!

Why Do I Need Professional Leak Detection Services?

The reason you must rely on professionals for leak detection in Atlanta or nearby areas is that most of the plumbing in your home is hidden behind drywall and under floorboards. This is primarily for aesthetic reasons, as well as safety; you don’t want ugly piping all over the walls and floors.

But this does make it difficult to tell when a small leak starts along a pipe because of pitting corrosion or a weak joint. Since even small plumbing leaks are potentially disastrous for a home (it only takes a small pool of standing water to chew right through drywall) you must have professionals use special tools to find the leaking pipes.

Signs You May Need Leak Detection in Atlanta Include:

  • Look for damp spots of discoloration on the walls - If you're lucky you'll get a visible water stain in a place that crosses your regular line of sight. Act swiftly and reach out to our plumbers for water leak detection in Atlanta, GA, because even a small leak gets worse over time.
  • Warped areas in the floorboards - If your leak is underneath your floorboards, the water could negatively affect not only your floorboards, but your home's foundation as well.
  • The appearance or smell of mold and mildew - Mold and mildew growth occur when there's standing water in an area that doesn't have ventilation. So if you have a leak in a spot of the house that doesn't have a drain or air ventilation, it's a prime situation for mold and mildew growth.
  • Unexplained increases in the water bills - If your water bill is through the roof, contact our experienced plumbers for dependable leak detection in Atlanta, GA. A good way to test if you have a leak is to turn off all your water and head to your water meter. If it isn't at 0 then there's a leak somewhere on your property and you should give us a call.
  • Cracked wall paint - If you have a slight leak that isn't strong enough to bleed through your wall, the water pressure could crack your wall paint so be on the look-out for any new cracks.

Because you can’t see the leaking pipe itself, you must instead pay attention to smaller signs of their presence. Call to have our plumbers look into any of these issues

How Do Plumbers Find Water Leaks?

Skilled plumbers have a number of resources they use to find disguised leaks. First among them is knowledge: plumbing professionals can often narrow down the area of a leak based on visual evidence. But they also used advanced equipment to zero in on the exact location of a leaking pipe.

Many of these devices are based on sound; listening discs and ground microphones permit a plumber to hear the escape of water from a pipe through thick layers of construction material. Pressure and temperature scanners are helpful as well. Plumbers worth hiring will use all the tools available to them.

Schedule Reliable Water Leak Detection in Atlanta Today

No matter where a plumbing leak is occurring in your home, you can trust the trained team at Quick Action Plumbers to locate it. Our Atlanta plumbers are also skilled with finding slab leaks, which are a type of leak hidden in the concrete of a home’s foundation. We are here to help you avoid costly damage to your home and to restore your plumbing to its best shape.

Schedule best-in-class Atlanta leak detection or repair, or nearby communities by submitting a contact form or calling (770) 854-0755 today!

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