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When it comes to handling the plumbing that serves your house and family, there is only one company name you need to remember: Quick Action Plumbers. We are a top-rated plumbing contractor for the area, and we provide a comprehensive range of services to handle any need. If you are looking for plumbers with the finest equipment, extensive training, and problem-solving skills that are second-to-none, you’ve found the right people. Make us your one-stop plumbing shop!

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Why You Must Have Professional Plumbing Services

We understand that many homeowners lean toward "do-it-yourself" when it comes to tasks around the house. This is fine for some jobs—but it’s not fine for plumbing. A residential plumbing system is too complicated and too important for daily living for you to attempt to work on it yourself. Nor should you consider calling amateurs who make grand claims for suspiciously low prices. Calling for a licensed Atlanta plumber is the only way to have the peace of mind that the plumbing job will be done correctly and keep away expensive future hassles or even major plumbing accidents.

Whatever Your Plumbing System Needs, We Can Deliver

We are serious when we call our Atlanta plumbing services comprehensive. There isn’t any task too small, too large, or too unusual for our staff to take on.

We Offer a Vast Array of Plumbing Services, Including:

  • Automatic Shut Off Valve: One of the best ways to protect your home from water damage due to a plumbing accident is with the installation of an automatic shut-off valve. This valve will stop the flow of water into the rest of the plumbing whenever it detects water flow far above normal, an indication of trouble such as a burst pipe or broken fixture. You can rely on our team to install and service a shut-off valve for your home.
  • Backflow Prevention: To protect the freshwater in your home, you must keep it separate from the wastewater side of the plumbing. Should the pressure change dramatically on either side, it can result in sewage entering the freshwater lines. A backflow prevention device will stop this from occurring. We are licensed to install and check on backflow preventers for homes.
  • Bathroom Plumbing: No room in a home uses more water than the bathroom, and it’s vital that all the plumbing in this room remains in the best shape possible. If you are looking for repairs for a leaking toilet or broken sink faucet, give us a call. We can also help improve your bathroom plumbing with new installations of bathtubs, sinks, and much more.
  • Emergency Plumbing: Most plumbing problems are difficult, if not impossible, to predict ahead of time. And that means you may find yourself stuck with a major plumbing emergency at an inconvenient time. We can get you unstuck since we have emergency response plumbers with fully stocked trucks ready to rush to your home when you need us.
  • Garbage Disposal: A quality garbage disposal at work in a kitchen helps make everything easier—and it keeps your drain lines clean as well. If you want a new disposal installation, a replacement for a unit that has run its course, repairs for a malfunctioning unit, or regular maintenance to keep future repairs at bay, simply call us.
  • Gas Lines: For homes that have a connection to a municipal natural gas source, gas lines are essential to make the best use of this cost-effective fuel supply. If you’re interested in expanding use of natural gas in your house to new appliances, or if you need a damaged line repaired, let us handle this gas line work so that it gets done quickly—and safely.
  • Kitchen Plumbing: The plumbing in a kitchen is complicated and it connects to many different fixtures and appliances. No matter what work you require for your kitchen’s plumbing, you must entrust all of it to licensed professionals. Let us handle all your kitchen plumbing repairs, new installations of sinks and faucets, drain cleaning jobs, and anything else necessary for you to receive the most use from this important part of your home.
  • Piping: Pipes are the veins and arteries of a plumbing system and sometimes they need work from professional plumbers. If you live in an older home, you may need to have the piping entirely replaced with copper and plastics pipes. For a newer home, you may encounter leaks and problems with your pipes from time to time. Our plumbers are here to assist with all your piping needs.
  • Slab Leak: The hot and cold water lines that run through the foundation of your home can start to leak—e.g. a slab leak—and present a difficult situation to remedy. Rely on our skilled plumbers and their advanced detection equipment to repair any slab leak that might threaten your home.
  • Sump Pump: Flooding in basements and crawlspaces of homes is a common trouble in this area. Even a plumbing accident can create flooding issues during calmer seasons. Installing a sump pump is the best way to prevent trouble with flooding and excess moisture. We offer complete services to install and care for residential sump pumps.
  • Leak Detection: Are your pipes leaking right now? Considering that they are mostly hidden behind walls and in the floors, you probably won’t be able to tell directly. Our plumbers, however, have an array of devices to aid them in leak detection that will see that you have pipe leaks taken care of with the least amount of disruption to your home.
  • Water Lines: One of the most important parts of your residential plumbing system is the pipeline that brings in fresh water from the municipal system. A busted water line can mean no water in your house at all. Only plumbers with the best training and equipment can see to the repairs, new installations, and replacements necessary for a water line that will continue to fill its function for your home.

If you need Atlanta plumbing repair, installation or maintenance services, call Quick Action Plumbers at (770) 854-0755 or contact us online!

We’ll Send a Skilled Plumber To Your Home!

At Quick Action Plumbers, we are proud of the extensive skills of our Atlanta plumbing service team; they can take care of any plumbing need you might have for your home and they will respond rapidly to your call. They are also equipped with state-of-the-art technology to see that each job is done right the first time. We want to earn your trust with the quality of service that we provide.

The technicians arrived on time, diagnosed the problem, and completed the job in an hour. Very reasonable price and super friendly. Couldn't ask for more!
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    We're a team of expert, highly skilled plumbers in Atlanta with over 40 years of combined experience.

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    We believe in protecting and serving our customers one plumbing solution at a time.
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    Our licensed and uniformed plumbers are polite, on time, and keep your home clean.

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