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3 Benefits to a Water Softening System

Atlanta, GA residents know that hard water is a common occurrence in our civic water system. The term refers to water with a high mineral content: not actively harmful to those who drink it, but creating a number of problems nonetheless. A water softening system installed in your home is designed to remove that mineral content, leaving cleaner, fresher water behind. If hard water isn’t harmful, you may be wondering why such a system is necessary. But the benefits to such a system will pay dividends for a long time to come, not only in terms of dollars, but in terms of quality of life. Here are 3 examples that illustrate what we mean.


Hard water can be consumed with no ill effects, but you’ll likely notice a metallic taste to it that can be off-putting. The same thing holds true for water used in cooking. Removing the minerals helps it all taste better and lets you enjoy what you’ve prepared – or even just get a tastier drink of water from the faucet – with little to no fuss.


It sounds odd, but a water softener really can make your wardrobe last longer. Hard water makes your colors fade in the wash, as well as warping threads and wearing out the fabrics. With a water softener in place, your cloths will look brighter and last longer.


Hard water can be brutal on your skin during a shower, leaving you feeling red and raw when you’re done. It can also leave a crusty white build-up on your showerheads that can restrict the water flow and even stop up the shower after a time. A water softener can solve those problems, helping your showers feel gentler and more refreshing.

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