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Quick Action Plumbers - Water Testing

Water Testing in Atlanta, GA by Quick Action Plumbers

You expect your water to be clean and free of any impurities when you fill up a glass from the sink, but unfortunately, you cannot always guarantee that it is. A lot of homeowners in the U.S. decide not to take their chances on the possibility of contamination, choosing to keep a filtered pitcher in the refrigerator, or a sink attachment that filters water directly as it flows out of a faucet. But what about the water in your shower and your bathroom sink? Isn’t it important that these are free of contaminants as well?

Quick Action Plumbers believes that your entire water supply deserves to be clean and pure, and that you deserve the satisfaction of knowing that it is. We offer municipal and well water testing services in the Atlanta area so that you can have peace of mind over the quality of your water. If it does turn out to have questionable substances, we also provide water treatment systems and services. Contact our friendly team for more information.

Quick Action Plumbers provides water softeners and water softener services near Atlanta, GA and the surrounding areas.

Reasons to Schedule Water Quality Testing

How can you tell that your water is free of contaminants? Whether you get your water from the municipal supply or from a private well, there could be several sources of contamination that could make you ill. Here are some reasons you may decide to schedule water testing for your home.

  • Water appears cloudy or discolored or has a poor taste or smell. Why should you have to put up with poor water quality? Get your water tested today and find a whole–home solution for every tap in the home.
  • Someone in the home has a health disorder. People with immune system disorders and other health concerns should take extra steps to ensure their water quality is sufficient.
  • Just because. Why not gain the peace of mind of knowing whether or not your water is clean? Call our experts today!

Types of Water Treatment Systems

There are many different types of water treatment systems available today, and it might be difficult to select one if you don’t know what you’re looking for. That’s why water testing is such an important step in the installation process. After you know what type of contaminants are in your water, you and your plumber can decide which system to choose, including these units:

  • Water filtration system: To target specific contaminants in your water supply.
  • Water purification system: May include UV lights to kill and sterilize microorganisms.
  • Reverse osmosis system: The most effective water purification system.
  • Water softener: Replaces the minerals in hard water with a small amount of sodium.

Call Us for Water Testing in Atlanta, GA

At Quick Action Plumbers, we understand the value and importance of preserving safe and healthy environments. We are your source for water testing and water treatment system installation in the Atlanta, GA area. Call us today to get drinking water testing from professionals who want to help you and your family members stay healthy.

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