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Dunwoody, GA Plumbing and Drain and Sewer Services

It takes a special kind of plumbing contractor to provide complete plumbing for all the needs of homes and businesses. Quick Action Plumbers is proud to offer this level of plumbing service–and much more besides. We not only have expertly trained and seasoned plumbers on staff, we also make use of the most up–to–date plumbing technology. No matter what sort of plumbing job you need done for your house or business, from the most basic of leak repairs to the full installation of a commercial water heater for a building, you can count on our plumbers to handle it all.

Trust to our team when to comes to plumbing and drain and sewer services in Dunwoody, GA.

Call Us for a Plumber and Expert Plumbing Services

Comprehensive is the best word to describe the range of plumbing services that we make available to residents of Dunwoody. Our plumbers are here for your needs for plumbing maintenance, repairs, replacements, and new installations. You can count on a fast response when you have an emergency, and our plumbers have the finest equipment on hand for jobs such as leak detection and repiping. Quick Action Plumbers is your one–stop plumbing shop in the area–and we’re only a stop away.

We Provide the Garbage Disposal Service You Need

Without a garbage disposal, life in a kitchen would be far more difficult. Your drainpipes wouldn’t be as healthy, either. Call us if you’re looking to have a new garbage disposal put into your kitchen, or a replacement for one that no longer can manage its food–grinding job. If your disposal only needs fixes to get it back to work, we’re glad to help there as well.

We Install and Provide Other Services for Sump Pumps

Flooding dangers are something you need to worry about around the year. Even during dry weather, there’s always the chance of a plumbing accident in your home that will send water down into the basement or crawlspace. But with a professionally installed sump pump, you can have that excess water quickly and safely removed. Contact us for sump pump installation and other services.

Hidden Leaks? Just Call Us for Water Leak Detection

Most of the leaks that might occur in a home are hidden behind construction material. So this adds the challenge: how do you find those leaks to repair them? Well, we’re the people who can answer this challenge. Our plumbers have the finest leak detection equipment available and the knowledge and training to use it. Trust us to have nay leak fixed–fast!

Our Drain and Sewer Services Are Comprehensive

Half of the plumbing system in your home serves to remove wastewater out to the municipal sewer system. If your sewer line and drains suffer from problems, it will mean trouble for your home. However, our plumbers offer comprehensive services to clean, repair, replace, and maintain your drains and sewer lines. No matter if you need to have a clog removed, want extensive and thorough cleaning for the sewer line, or must have your whole sewer line replaced, you can trust Quick Action Plumbers to get the job done.

Drain Cleaning from Professionals

Drain cleaning is a task that you may need to schedule when an emergency pops up–such as blocked drains–or as a routine services that will help keep that plumbing in your home working at maximum efficiency and with little chance of clogs in the future. Our plumbers use the best hydro–jetting equipment and video drain inspection cameras to provide the drain cleaning that you need.

Do You Need Drain Repair?

A drainpipe won’t last forever without encounter trouble from clogs or leaks. When you have drains that aren’t carrying away wastewater easily, you should give our plumbers a call. We provide all the drain repair services that you may need to have your plumbing system working once again. It doesn’t matter how small or large the job is: you can put your faith in us for a quick solution to the problem.

Do You Need a New Water Heater or Other Water Heater Services?

There is no season for water heaters: you must have a working water heater no matter what the temperature outside is. The hot water that flows to your taps and appliances in necessary to take care of so many daily tasks, and that’s why you must trust any water heater services to professionals like our staff at Quick Action Plumbers. We provide complete water heater services, including installation, replacement, and repair. We also carry a variety of systems, such as energy–saving tankless models and the effective heat pump water heater. Make us your first choice in the area for water heater services.

Consider a Heat Pump Water Heater

How does a heat pump water heater operate? It isn’t much different from a standard heat pump: it pulls heat from the air and moves it to another, cooler location. In this case, the heat pump takes heat from inside your home and applies it to water in a tank. This is an energy efficient method of heating water for your home, and it doesn’t require using any natural gas. Speak to our professionals today to learn more about heat pump water heaters and their benefits.

We Handle Both Tank and Tankless Water Heater Services

Storage tank water heaters remain the most common of all water heater models in the country, so of course our experts have experience working with them. But we also carry and service the highly efficient and convenient tankless water heaters. With one of these models in your home, you won’t have to worry about running out of hot water ever again. Call to arrange for service.

For Cleaner, Healthier Water, Ask about Our Water Treatment Systems

It’s upsetting to learn how much contamination can enter that fresh water that comes to your home. This isn’t a problem you can solve with a filtered pitcher, either. To get started with achieving the cleanest water possible for your household, arrange with Quick Action Plumbers for water testing services. We will then know how best to cleanse and purify your water with the installation of a water treatment system. Look to us when you want a solution to your water pollution concerns.

We Install and Service Water Filtration Systems

One of the basic ways of cleaning water in a home is with a water filtration system, which catches pollutants in a medium (such as charcoal). However, you must have professionals install your water filters, otherwise you risk harming water flow in your plumbing. Just talk to our water quality professionals to arrange for new filter installation or for services for your current filtration system.

Looking for Water Purification Service?

We offer a wide variety of water purifiers to remove contaminants of all kind from your freshwater system. Once we’ve tested your water for impurities, our specialists will zero in on the best way to make the water in your house fresh and healthy for everyone. You can also put your confidence in us when it comes to repairs and regular maintenance for your water purification system.

Stop Hard Water Problems with Our Water Softener Service

How does hard water create problems for your home? This mineral–heavy water will severely damage plumbing with calcite deposits and can destroy your water heater. Plus, it leaves a film on your skin and household surfaces, and it makes it tough to get a decent soap lather going. The solution is installation of a whole–house water softener, and you can schedule that service with us, as well as replacement, repair, and maintenance services.

We Are Also Experts in Commercial Plumbing Services

The requirements of commercial plumbing are similar in some ways to residential plumbing, but different in many more. That is why it’s vital that you only schedule the plumbing services for your business with experience commercial plumbers. You will find the people for the job right here at Quick Action Plumbers. We are also your one–stop shop when it comes to commercial plumbing, and no job is too large or too small for us. Contact us today to inquire into our many services that will see that your commercial plumbing is the best it can possibly be.

We Offer Commercial Garbage Disposal Service

There is a major difference between the small garbage disposals that service the kitchen in a home and the commercial disposals that see to the needs of food service companies. Commercial garbage disposals are much more powerful, and they need to be carefully matched to the need of an establishment. We provide new installation for disposals, and also the repairs and maintenance that will see your business remains up to code.

We Install, Repair, and Maintain Commercial Water Heaters

When hot water availability is a key part of you run your business from day to day, you cannot take chances with inexperienced services for your water heater. Call our commercial water heater professionals to make sure that you have the right water heater for your needs, or that any repairs and maintenance are done right. Let us see to any plumbing work you may require.

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Quick Action Plumbers was great! I would definately refer ANYONE to them. Thanks QAP for the excellent job u did installing my water heater!

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Quick Action Plumbers is not only quick but also very affordable. I will definitely be using them for all my plumbing needs.

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I know I can call Quick Action Plumbers at any time day or night and they will be there to help me. They are honest and reliable.

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Your service was great and the tech were very professional and courteous a would highly recommend your company

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They were quick and were very mannerable. I will be calling QAP for my future plumbing needs. GO QAP!!!!

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