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Quick Action Plumbers - Water Line

Water Lines in Atlanta, GA by Quick Action Plumbers

One of the most important pieces of piping in your residential plumbing system is the water main. This underground pipe brings the fresh, potable water from the municipal system into your home so it can run to taps, fixtures, and appliances. If anything should occur to the pipe that causes it to break, clog, or leak, your house will quickly become unlivable.

The moment you believe that anything has gone wrong with your water pipe, call on professionals. Because the water main is buried under your property, it’s difficult to access except for trained plumbers who have the right equipment. Quick Action Plumbers has the tools and the experienced workers available to see that any repair or replacement you might need for your water lines gets done fast. We will make every effort to see that we leave no mess behind after we finish the job.

Call Quick Action Plumbers in Atlanta, GA or the surrounding areas for service for water lines, including replacement, installation, and repairs.

Sings You May Need Water Pipe Repair

The water main is hidden from sight, and therefore you must often rely on secondary indications to know that the line requires repairs. Here are few things to look for:

  • Increased water bills – If the water pipe has started to leak, you will start paying more on your water bills. If you cannot account for a spike in water costs, the culprit might be a damaged main.
  • Drop in water pressure – Issues in a water pipe will often cause the water pressure around the house to decline. Sometimes this is a municipal issue that will be rectified soon. But if it continues, call for plumbers.
  • Water discoloration – Should you see reddish–brown tints in your freshwater (and you haven’t just returned from a long vacation) it might be coming from a corroded or broken water main.
  • Damp pools on the lawn – When you find damp spots on your property that you can’t account for because of rain or sprinklers, than it might be from a leak water line.

How Trenchless Technology Helps with Water Line Replacement

When you need to have an aging water line replaced (or have the first water line installed on new property), the standard method is for the technicians to rip open a large trench across your lawn using digging equipment. This process of reaching the pipe to replace it or lay a new pipe can take several days, and it will leave the area around your home resembling an archeological dig.

However, there are other methods for replacing a water line. Our plumbers use trenchless technology, which is a procedure that inserts a pipe liner laterally into the old pipe then expands the lines with a device called a "pipe burster." The old pipe shatters, and the liner becomes the new pipe. The process takes only a few hours, and it leaves your property looking almost as it did before.

We Offer Services for Main Water Lines

It doesn’t matter if you only need to fix a small leak on your water main or it needs to be completely replaced, you can trust us to take care of the job to your complete satisfaction. Quick Action Plumbers offers comprehensive plumbing service for the Atlanta area.

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